The Christic House

The Christic House

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The Christic House Christmas Offering
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The arrival of the new Christic Energy House heralds a whole new evolution in the Alchymie and also of human consciousness at this time – the dawning of the Age Of Light. Its incredible presence reflects the resurrection of ‘Christ Consciousness’ or the re-awakening to our true potential and beyond into Divine Being. Therefore, the Christic Energy House is literally the resurrection of Conscious Light, now made possible by the ending of the Age of Darkness as individuals awaken beyond the karma. The transition to this next epoch, the Age of Light, has begun… 

The psychic vision that appeared as the House was being created was of the cross as the passage or doorway through to the new world. The cross is requiring the standing ‘upright’ of Cosmic Man, or the Enlightened form – dissolving the frontal line (vertical), and opening along the horizontal line through the heart and its expanse. Thus breaking through the darkness of this dimension and fixity where exotericism has ruled and crushed the intimate Heart of Love, or the intuition of the Divine that is inherent in every being.

” The raison d’etre of this Hermetic Art is the awakening to Christ Consciousness, or the cross of our existence – being able to live it, understand it and beginning to love one another as it. This is the gift of this Christic House “