Portable Tools for creating Sanctuary in a home, office or on the road – the Energy Houses are a wondrous support for you. They are a key component in helping us at these times of great energetic need.

They ‘hold’ a space often referred to as sanctuary, an environment that is clear and aligned to supporting our highest potential. That is why these wonderful Energy Houses are being cherished by many people all over the world. Even in big city’s and places where it is difficult to find ‘psychic’ space, the Energy Houses are supporting those with the intuitive impulse towards all matters of the ‘Light'.

Originally designed to support practitioners in varying fields 'energy' work, the houses were given to clear the psychic environment of a room, a space, a building for practitioners to be able to work. However, the demand by individuals from all walks of life has been so great, that it was decided they would be made available to the general public.

Since then, the range of esoteric Energies that the Houses has evolved significantly, opening the way and space for greater and greater spiritual adaptation and growth. The Houses represent a passage of awakening brings us from mortal form to the point of Eternal Light; beginning with the awakening to the ‘Bright of Conscious Light’ (the Bright Room); then re-awakening to ‘volumetric Current’ (the Tao House); followed by the awakening to True Spiritual Life through the ‘Christic Passage’ (the Christic House);  bringing us into the real possibility of the evolution of human awakening with the ‘Anthropocosmic Man’ (the Anthropocosmic House); and finally awakening to the depth and intuitive gnosis of the ‘Heart Of Love’ (the Heart of Love), and beyond with the arrival of the Angelic House and Zoroastrian House.

This process has stabilised a great lineage here on Earth, which is the way of 'Divine Light' entering mortal identification. It has created the space and stability within the chaos of ordinary life for the Divine Process to be realised again. The work that has been done has been the descent into the identification, differentiation, and desiring, touching it with the God Light, splitting with Thoth’s Staff and re-establishing our attention on the Path Of Infinite Return. Thus this lineage has created the lower current of Fractalised Light on Earth.