The arrival of the new Christic Energy House heralds a whole new evolution in the Alchymie and also of human consciousness at this time – the dawning of the Age Of Light. Its incredible presence reflects the resurrection of ‘Christ Consciousness’ or the re-awakening to our true potential and beyond into Divine Being. Therefore, the Christic Energy House is literally the resurrection of Conscious Light, now made possible by the ending of the Age of Darkness as individuals awaken beyond the karma. The transition to this next epoch, the Age of Light, has begun…

The psychic vision that appeared as the House was being created was of the cross as the passage or doorway through to the new world. The cross is requiring the standing ‘upright’ of Cosmic Man, or the Enlightened form – dissolving the frontal line (vertical), and opening along the horizontal line through the heart and its expanse. Thus breaking through the darkness of this dimension and fixity where exotericism has ruled and crushed the intimate Heart of Love, or the intuition of the Divine that is inherent in every being.

” The raison d’etre of this Hermetic Art is the awakening to Christ Consciousness, or the cross of our existence – being able to live it, understand it and beginning to love one another as it. This is the gift of this Christic House “

Christ, or ‘Christos’, is a Greek word meaning the ‘anointed one’ and is another way of saying God-realisation. Jesus of Nazareth is a historical character whom many believe or recognise as having attained the Christ consciousness, thus he is known as the Christ. But Christ consciousness is not tied to a historical event and exists now as all realised beings, animated always and forever by the same Heart that lives us all. Ultimately, everyone must aspire and attain the Christ consciousness, to awaken as Only God.

Thus, the Christic House is the gift of such a possibility of awakening now to our true potential. It arrives at a time where there has been enough space created in the darkness for the resurrection of Christ Conscious to occur. The time has come for this re-awakening to transpire for all beings. May it be so!

 From those first to experience this new Energy…

“…We sat and drank the Christic House energy as a group again last night; this time I could feel more clearly and tangibly the current of the House. It is a dissolving into consciousness, a delicious liberation from gravity, from the structures that obscure the Light. It feels like a liquid gold current that you dissolve into, become one with, are released into, dispersed from being an individual and established into the current of Only God, quite literally. It is such a radiant, happy, free space – dissolved beyond being implicated by anything that my arise here, standing prior to all, standing perfectly free, in God, ecstatically blissful and heart-restored…”

Kirra Springs – Australia

“I came alive upon just reading about the Vials contained within the Christic House! They are very significant. Then, as we went through to receive the Energy of the House I could feel the presence of the ‘Masters of Light’ from what I knew was “The Office of the Christ”.  Before this moment of revelation, I was beginning to feel that this ‘Holy War’ we are engaged in was a lost cause – the sheer magnitude of dark forces against the Light on every level of creation seemed overwhelming (Law, Government, Religion, Media, Health), all seem determined to control, beat down and diminish our capacity to Breathe and Live.

But The Christic House (which is more like a huge Office Building…) seemed to be heralded by the Office of Christ as the means to push back the ever encroaching demonic religious fanaticism, atheism and all the anti-christic forces setting up shop throughout the world. This is going to give us great and powerful support! May it be so!”

Sirrah Lore – Australia

“I was very fortunate to have been present at the first viewing of the new Christic Energy House. I have had many years’ experience with the Alchymie, but this was something completely unexpected! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense that something very important had happened. Its Energy was so pure and easeful, as if there was absolutely no obstruction or limitation to the possibility of human growth and evolution it  was going to allow…

Every morning when I do my energy work and meditation for the day, I feel into the presence of all the Bubblers and Heart of Space product in our town. Since the arrival of the Christic Energy House, I can feel it just as strongly as any of the larger Alchymeic artifacts! It is as if the Heart of Space has been making way for this new presence. Its energy pulses forward and upward and feels like a doorway that has been opened above to a whole new level of intuition, understanding and feeling of what ‘awakening’, or Christ Consciousness really actually means (no longer just an idea). I can’t wait to have one of these in my own home!”

Mobius Barnaby – Australia